Embodied Goddesses

Your 9 month online embodiment course!

Goddess yourself with chakra healing dances, guided visual meditations, spiritual ascension practices, and blossom into a life of abundance and joy.

Get inspired by the Goddess and dance into alignment and flow today!

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What You Can Expect

Enjoy nine-modules of chakra healing dances, music, guided visual meditations, journaling worksheets, Goddess stories, affirmations, healthy recipes and Master Classes with Jess & Ness on spiritual healing and ascension.

Get ready to dance, play, have fun and align with your heart’s desire. This is your journey to re-connect with your soul’s true purpose.

After learning the dances in our course, you will forever be able to dance them together with fellow Goddess sisters in our monthly online community gatherings and live events.

By investing in yourself, you will also heal and strengthen your relationships with the loved ones in your life.

Live your life feeling centered and at peace, and full of joy, abundance and friendship, with Embodied Goddesses.

Joyful living the divine feminine way

Embody Your Inner Goddess

Embodied Goddesses

know their worth.

They are confident, capable, beautiful and joyful

Learn how to de-stress, find your inner calm, and unleash your inner divine feminine power.

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What you will receive:

  • A juicy taste of how the program is experienced as Jess & Ness explaining Why We Dance for Embodiment.
  • A reflection exercise on where you are right now on your soul’s journey
  • A beautiful, visual “Lotus Heart Meditation”
  • A downloadable Gratitude Journal Exercise
  • One of our beautifully designed affirmations (there are 10 for each module)
  • A “Goddess Yourself” healthy chia pudding recipe


The real women behind

Embodied Goddesses

The real women behind

Embodied Goddesses

Dance is the perfect vehicle for embodiment practice, and we have both spent our lives and careers as professional dancers and teachers.

From across the world, we were brought together through dance to embark upon our own embodiment journey. Guided by the Goddesses, we created these completely original dances from our heart space directly to yours. And we know they will gently guide you into alignment the way they guided us.

We are artists and intuitive, spiritual alignment experts, but we are also mothers, sisters and friends. We are just like you.

Join us on our Goddess journey and dance your way into alignment with us. Welcome to the sisterhood.It’s time to “Goddess Yourself!”

xoxo Jess & Ness