9 Module Embodiment Dance Program

Goddess Yourself

Unleash your feminine, divine beauty with our online embodiment dance and wellness program. Through dance, music, guided meditations, online journaling, affirmations for self love and so much more, you'll reconnect with your spirituality, healing yourself body mind and spirit. Its time to and create your own life of abundance and joy!

Goddess Yourself Program

Each module of the Embodied Goddesses experience is carefully designed to make your journey fun, meaningful and easy to follow. Our dances are for every divine feminine, non-dancers and trained dancers alike. All you need is a desire to feel beautiful in your body!

Every module is inspired by a unique theme that corresponds with one of the 7 chakras, the related spirit animals, healing crystals and stones, original music, nutritious and supportive recipes, online journaling prompts, meditations for mindfulness and more. In combination, all of these beautiful elements will guide you seamlessly to your new Embodied Goddess self. And remember, you can enjoy these dances and meditations for life and always on your own schedule!

Embodied Goddesses Method

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Sacred Space

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Blossoming Heart

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Goddess Truth

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Warrior Goddess

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Ecstatic Goddess

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Triple Moon Goddess

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Mother Earth

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Celebrating the Goddess

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Module 1

The Embodied Goddesses Method

Learn the basics of the Embodied Goddesses method! This module includes everything you need to know to have a successful and beautiful experience throughout the remaining eight modules.

  • Meditation basics, what mindfulness is and other best practices
  • All about embodiment
  • How to best use affirmations and journaling
  • Our original Embodied Goddesses daily dance warm up
  • The Goddesses and why we use them for inspiration


Ready to learn how to create a sacred space for yourself anywhere, anytime? From rituals for cleansing your energetic space to always keeping the energy high vibe, the Sacred Space module will show you how to use all of the elements and energies at your disposal to create a perfect sanctuary. This way, your meditations and embodiment practices will always be healing and supportive and free from energetic disturbances. Learn how to use your intuition and the powers of your third eye chakra to protect the energetic space around and within you.

  • Creating Goddess Circles with different elements
  • Dances to energetically purify and protect your sacred space
  • Meditation to journey to your sacred space
  • Guidance on tuning into your intuition, channeling, and journeying.


Get back in touch with your heart chakra in Blossoming Heart! You will learn to listen to the voice of your heart, tap into your intuition, find your inner light and re-connect with your soul's path. Then you will be on your way to manifest abundance of all kinds in your life. Through affirmations for self love and all of our beautiful heart chakra opening tools you will reawaken your inner child and stay connected to your own inner light even in the darkest of times.

  • Dances to embody love and open your heart chakra
  • Meditations to meet with your inner inner child and the Goddess within
  • Recipes to nourish your heart and soul
  • Journaling exercises to guide you to peace and harmony


Journey within and turn your shadows into gold. Discover how to do shadow work, how to self heal through self love, and how to make your insecurities your greatest strengths and assets. The medicine is in the wound, sisters, and together we can liberate our true, perfect, beautiful selves from our burdens. We have the power to release them to find joy and purity once again.

  • Healing dances to liberate your joy and authentic truth
  • Meditations to turn your shadows into gold
  • Beautiful journaling exercises focused on confidently taking off masks we wear
  • Exercises to open your throat chakra so that you can speak your Goddess truth in alignment with your heart


With affirmations for confidence, dances for feeling powerful and gorgeous, the Warrior Goddess module will ignite and fuel your dreams and gifts into action from a place of unconditional love! This module will empower you with the confidence and motivation to manifest your dreams. You will learn how to choose actions that are in service of your truth and have the courage to honor your badass self. You will bring the sacred masculine energy into balance with the divine feminine in order to bring harmony and peace back into our life. Let's fire up that solar plexus chakra, Goddesses!

  • Dances to ignite your confidence and powerful, sacred masculine energy
  • Daily exercises to assist you in distinguishing your energy from the energy of others
  • Meditations that guide you to have the courage to confront fear and discover your inner, sovereign power
  • Recipes to fortify your body and soul


Awaken the gorgeous, sensual, sexual Goddess within you in the Ecstatic Goddess module. You will learn how to unleash your center of great divine feminine power and allow your inner Goddess to shine in all of her beauty without shame or judgment. Rediscover the source of your passion and desires, and liberate yourself from stifling social constructs as you liberate your beautiful sacral chakra.

  • Luxurious dances to feel into your sensuality and to unleash your inner goddess
  • Meditations and breathing activation practices to connect with and heal the source of your greatest feminine power
  • Journaling exercises to release shame and discover liberation
  • Empowering discussions around the erotic and the natural essence of the divine feminine


Dive into the archetype of the Triple Moon Goddess, the maiden, mother and crone within each of us. She represents the phases of the moon, the phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle, and also the phases of a woman’s life. Reconnect with ancient wisdom and explore your own past, present and future as we share our stories in the red tent.

  • Important and “unspoken” discussions around the different phases women experience and the challenges we face in society
  • Meditations for reconnecting with the pure innocence of the Maiden and intention setting
  • Exercises for empowering the Great Mother manifestor within all of us
  • Inspirational stories on the wisdom of the Great Sage Mother (crone), and the mystical and magical cycle of life


Return to the earth where the abundant harvest grows! In the Mother Earth module, we explore the root chakra, our nourishment, abundance, safety and groundedness. In the end, all of our enlightenment and embodiment practices must be made to manifest in the physical world. We must bring our love and divine connection back to Mother Earth. As she nourishes us, we nourish ourselves. Dance with Mother Earth Gaia, self nourish, and self care with beauty care recipes, rituals and more.

  • Dances to bring groundedness and balance into your life, and to celebrate the abundance the Universe offers us in each moment
  • Advice on sustainable living and living in alignment with nature
  • Recipes to nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • Exercises to encourage positive body image and love for our own bodies


Emerge as the Embodied Goddess that you have always been deep inside in the Celebrating the Goddess module! It is time to celebrate your liberation and make your dreams manifest in the world today. This module will guide you to fully embody everything you have learned, to manifest abundance of all kinds in your life. You are ready to align and connect all of your chakras so that they are working together in harmony and coordination to manifest your dreams in the real world today. This is the first day of your new life, sisters!

  • Exercises to enable you to identify your soul’s purpose
  • A step by step guide for setting your intentions and dreams into motion
  • Guided meditations to teach you how to journey into your spirit world so that you can embody your blueprint
  • Clear guides on how to activate the steps of manifestation
  • An opportunity to join the Embodied Goddesses community where sisterhood is supported!

Our gifts to you


The Embodied Goddess experience will empower and inspire every aspect of you. Return to wholeness and serenity. Heal your body, mind and spirit with dance, meditations, laughter and so much more.

Beautifully Designed Affirmations

Affirmations that you can keep forever with guidance on how to best embody them.

Journaling Guides & Worksheets

Carefully crafted journaling exercises and worksheets to help you to organize and document all of your learnings throughout this journey.

Guided Visual Meditations

Special guided meditations that take you on an enchanting spiritual journey and allow you to meet with your inner emotional and spiritual self.

Mindful Practices and Recipes for Holistic Living

A range of multi-cultural recipes inspired by the chakras to encourage conscious eating and a positive body image.

Goddess Beauty Care

Recipes for Goddess Beauty Care products that you can make for yourself at home using natural ingredients from the earth.

Goddess Talks

Talks with Jess & Ness for insight and advice on the most important themes surrounding your journey of transformation and enlightenment.

Goddess Stories

Beautiful stories about the Goddesses to inspire and guide you through each module to help you to embody the rich messages of the Goddess archetypes.

Healing Goddess Chakra Dances

Easy-to-follow healing dance experiences that will inspire you to embody the emotions, energies and phases of your divine self while getting fit and reducing stress – all in the comfort of your own home!

Goddess Circles

Goddess Circle demonstrations and guides to show you how to make your own Goddess circles to bring peace, calmness and love to your day.

Embodied Goddesses Community

A loving, authentic community for Embodied Goddesses where we dance the Goddess dances and continue the journey of ascension together.



Remember, with your life-time access, you can always come back to these experiences and enjoy them again.

Master Classes

In each of the nine modules you will receive:

Video master classes with Jess & Ness on themes including the divine feminine, spiritual ascension, manifestation and self-healing. We will also address the challenges that women face in today’s society and provide you with supportive advice around positive body image.

Video master classes explaining the intention and inspiration behind each dance, a breakdown of the choreography

Dance video demonstrations of the beautiful choreographies themselves.

Videos explaining the most effective ways to use affirmations to support the themes of each module.

Beautiful and informative goddess story videos that will inpsire and uplift you to embody your own inner goddess.

The Goddess Yourself Magazine

Receive 9 beautifully designed digital Goddess Yourself magazine issues – one for each module. Refer back to all of the learnings of the course in this gorgeous Goddess Handbook.

Lifetime access

Lifetime access to all of the dance experiences, guided visual meditations, downloads and learnings including recipes and affirmations recipes and affirmations. A loving gift for your soul, to keep forever that you can revisit anytime.

Private Facebook Group

A safe place to connect with your Embodied Goddess sisters where you can share your experiences and learnings as well as hear from other guest speakers.



I have never danced before, is this program for me?

Absolutely! Our warm ups and dances are not designed to be typical dance classes. Instead, we offer you beautiful ways to connect with your embodied self. Our dances will guide you to explore and connect with your physical body, so that you can embody the different themes and energies within our course. We have designed our dances very carefully to be appropriate for all levels. We believe that dance is the first step to connecting with our emotions and our deep feminine heart. Our dances will support your internal world by speaking the language of the body rather than the language of the mind.

I have already embarked on my own spiritual journey or journey into healing, is this program still for me?

If you’re already on your own spiritual journey, you know that we never “arrive,” rather, we continue to ascend. This course is designed to enhance your journey at any stage, and you can return to it at any time to blossom further!

Can I keep this program and redo the meditations and dances any time?

Yes, you have lifetime access to all of the materials provided in the course, and you may enjoy them anytime.

Is this program only open to women?

This course is centered around the concept of the divine feminine. It is not about gender or sexual orientation. Everyone carries the yin and the yang, the divine masculine and feminine energies. Anyone wishing to delve into the archetype of the divine feminine is welcome to take the course and benefit from its teachings.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

Most people who take this program are also managing work, family and everyday life, so we understand the importance of balance and ensuring that you feel supported every step of the way

We follow a “feminine way of learning” in this program, meaning that you are free to move at your own pace and when you are feeling inspired to do so.

Each module has approximately 5-7 hours of video footage and practices. We encourage you to do at least 1-2 hours of lessons and meditations per week, while practicing the warm up and dances on a daily basis, if possible.

All of the recordings are there for you to keep forever, so you can rewatch them to support your learning and healing anytime. We do recommend, however, that you watch the videos in their entirety just to get the full impact of the message.

What is the best way to complete this program? Is there a structure that you recommend to ensure that I get the most out of the experience?

The Module Lessons and Meditations: When it comes to the meditations, self-reflection exercises and Goddess Talks, we recommend that you take as much time as you need to do your inner work. You may discover that certain modules are more challenging for you. In this case, stay with that module until you feel you have really explored your inner world fully.

If you decide to spend several weeks on one theme or self-reflection journey, that is completely fine! You may want to repeat certain meditations and journaling exercises over a longer period of time. Go for it! This is all about self-healing and doing what feels right for you!

But we do require that you fully complete one module before moving on to the next, because this course has been carefully designed to build upon itself, by giving you the skills you will need in the following module.

The Warm-Up and Dances: We recommend that you practice the Goddess Warm up every day while you work through the module meditations, lessons and exercises. This warm up will keep you limber, toned and feeling good, and is a wonderful daily health routine. You will see that the warm up adapts and adjusts to each module, with new music, chakra elements, colors and inspiration. The warm-up will also support your self-healing, as you work through the corresponding meditation and self-reflection exercises.

Once you have also learned the module dance, you may continue to practice both as you complete the module exercises and experiences. We have laid everything out clearly for you, in our easy-to use and beautifully designed online course.

However, if you can only commit to several days of dancing per week throughout your journey, that is also fine! The more you repeat these dances, the better they will feel! Some people go to the gym or take yoga classes every day, and some people go a few times per week. It really just depends on your availability! We recommend that you start with what feels comfortable for you, and work toward achieving a daily practice routine.

Can I post questions in the private Facebook group?

Yes, you can! It is encouraged. We encourage you to ask and share based on your experience. The Facebook group is there for your to share your experience with others in the course.