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    Affiliate Basics

    Here in this course, Jessica and Vanessa will offer you the tools of the divine feminine to help you to embody your own inner Goddess. When we speak about the divine feminine we are talking about moving away from operating purely from the limited mind, such as conceptual ideas and theories. Although both are important, there is only so much the mind can hold. Instead, we will move into our heart space and into the wisdom body to access our fullest potential and our authentic self. This is the place where we become rooted down into who we are at the soul level, and can manifest our greatest dreams and desires.

    How An Affiliate Can Help

    The divine feminine is all about stripping away, the unknown, the surrender. The body is her expression, intuition, sensuality, and chaos. She is the nurturing, the darkness, the flow. We are in constant cycles. We are going to welcome this new language of being into our lives. 

    The Tools An Affiliate Will Share

    The Embodied Goddesses tools support the embodied feminine experience. Through joy, play, dancing, singing, movement, creativity, journaling experiences, journeying, cooking we can interact with and process the constant flow of information and messages that we receive from the divine sources. There is no perfection or the need to be “fixed” in this process. Rather we are honoring your individual process. There is not one way. We want you to know that. There is a beautiful shining light that exists within you, and once we cultivate the divine feminine, which is the portal of love, then we can meet with the sacred, visionary, masculine spirit in order to awaken our inner fire and start shining in the world. But first, in order for you to receive and embody all of our discussions and learnings, we need to bring all of your awareness to everything that you feel within. It is being in the ‘now’ with no judgement that is the most important first step. Just you in your full awareness, in the present moment. We will guide women to accomplish this with the help of the Goddesses, like Aphrodite Goddess of Love. Help women to discover why this embodiment course is so special!