An Embodiment Lab for Love and Abundance

Learn how to create a beautiful space for yourself where you can dive into your embodiment practices.
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Turn your living room or any place you choose into an embodiment lab of your own! Learn how to create a beautiful space for yourself where you can dive into your embodiment practices without disturbance or interruption.

And you’ll always be free to work at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you’re running late or something comes up, no worries! You can do these feminine embodiment practices anytime, anywhere. Thats the beauty and freedom of being able to learn how to dance at home!

Learn How to Create Your Own Embodiment Lab!

chakra healing dances

The Embodied Goddesses online dance embodiment course is a nine-module series of chakra healing dances, guided mediations, embodiment affirmations and other feminine embodiment practices. Learn how you can create physical and energetic sanctuary for yourself, while you dance your way into abundance and joy.

The Goddess Yourself program will teach you everything you need to know to create an embodiment lab for yourself everywhere you go. With this online course, you can take Jess & Ness with you to the beach or into the forest if you want! The world is your oyster!

No more sitting in traffic, juggling schedules or worrying about make up classes. This dance embodiment course can be done completely at your own pace. We even offer the course as a series of mini courses if you prefer. Choose which chakra you would like to work with – whether it’s the heart chakra for love or the solar plexus chakra for confidence – and dive in!

Try the Embodied Goddesses Dance Embodiment Course for Free!

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Discover how to “Goddess Yourself” with our beautiful feminine embodiment practices! Explore the archetypes of the different Goddesses. Learn how you can embody the Goddess Demeter or the Goddess Hathor – whichever goddess resonates with you the most. We will give you the tools to self-heal, self-love and manifest your dreams using your divine feminine powers!

Ready to learn about what makes our embodiment practices so special? Try out our free sample course, where you will receive a free guided meditation, journal reflection worksheets, a master class with Jess & Ness on the benefits of dance embodiment and everything you need to start building your very own embodiment lab for yourself!

And if you love what you discover, try out one of our mini courses to learn the Embodied Goddesses dance warm up and an original chakra dance. We truly believe you’ll want to take the journey through exploring all of your chakras.

Let’s Goddess Ourselves!


Jess & Ness

Come and dance with Jess & Ness and let your spirit fly free! Learn to dance at home and bring the joy of embodiment dance into your daily life.

We can’t wait to sahre our beautiful journals and worksheets, guided meditations, and inspirational embodiment affirmations with you! You’ll even get healthy recipes to nurture all of your 7 chakras as you liberate your body mind and soul!


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Goddess Yourself and join now

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