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The Embodied Goddesses tools support the embodied divine feminine experience. Through joy, play, dancing, singing, movement, creativity, journaling experiences, journeying, cooking we can interact with and process the constant flow of information and messages that we receive from the divine sources. We go beyond ecstatic dance into a new kind of dance therapy. We will be discussing all of these elements in this Embodied Goddesses online course including beautiful Goddess stories about Goddesses such as Aphrodite Goddess of Love so that we too may embody her divine feminine archetype.

But first, in order for you to receive and embody all of our discussions and learnings, we need to bring all of your awareness to everything that you feel within. It is being in the ‘now’ but beyond mindfulness, with no judgement that is the most important first step. Just you in your full awareness, in the present moment, finding your calm and then your power. That’s what this online embodiment course is all about.

In this online embodiment dance course, we will share the latest trends and insights around mindfulness, using affirmations to manifest abundance, spiritual dance, embodiment dance and moving beyond ecstatic dance, as well as journaling, healthy recipes and all kinds of goddess rituals. Check back on your goddess profile page anytime for updates to your membership level.

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  1. Module 1- The Embodied Goddesses Method Part 1
  2. Module 2: Sacred Space
  3. Module 1- Part 2: The practice
  4. Module 3: Blossoming Heart
  5. Module 4: Goddess Truth
  6. Module 5: Warrior Goddess
  7. Module 6: Ecstatic Goddess
  8. Module 7: Triple Moon Goddess
  9. Module 8: Mother Earth
  10. Module 9: Celebrating the Goddess