Embodied Goddesses First Practice

embodied goddesses first practice
Discover the Embodied Goddesses First Practice on Amazon Kindle, where you will progress through your first series of guided visual meditations, embodiment practices, the Embodied Goddesses original dance warm up, journaling exercises, affirmations, Goddess circle rituals and more!

Discover the Embodied Goddesses First Practice on Amazon Kindle, where you will progress through your first series of guided visual meditations, embodiment practices, the Embodied Goddesses original dance warm up, journaling exercises, affirmations, Goddess circle rituals and more! And we always end each module with delicious recipes for nourishing each chakra!

Ready to learn more about our online embodiment program? This guidebook details each step of your embodiment journey, with beautiful design, explanations and imagery.

Your First Goddess Circle

In this module, we are inspired by the Goddess Urania, Goddess of astrology and philosophy. Enjoy her beautiful goddess story video with original music as well as a breakdown of all of the elements you will need for making this goddess circle. Choose from our list of recommended goddess crystals, flowers, essential oils, incenses and our very own goddess water recipes, or create your own. Whatever inspires you to connect to the divine!

Your First Guided Visual Meditation

lotus flower meditation first practice

Journey with Jess & Ness on your first guided visual meditation, The Lotus Flower Meditation. Find your heart center and groundedness with this beautiful and inspirational meditation video. Filled with gorgeous imagery and original relax music, this video will take you on a spiritual journey as you connect with inner child and heart space.

Embodied Goddesses First Practice Journals

embodied goddesses journaling exercises first practice

In the Embodied Goddesses First Practice, you will also discover your first series of self-reflective and empowering journaling exercises. These journals will support you through your meditations and all of the inner work you will be doing in this module.

And as always, we have made designed these journals and worksheets to be as beautiful as the Goddess herself. That is how we honor the divine feminine. By making every aspect of this course intentionally beautiful, uplifting and joyful! You are going to love how these journals documented your entire ascension experience when you look back at them later!

The Five Elements Body Exploration

five elements body exploration first practice

The Embodied Goddesses First Practice will take you through the Five Elements Body Exploration, a guided visual meditation and practice that will connect you to all of the elements within your body.

From earth, to fire, to water, air and aether, we will “Raise the Goddess Crown” through this practice, and then ground her back down again. This is a fundamental embodiment practice that we will incorporate regularly throughout the rest of the course.

The Felt Sense Practice

felt sense practice first practice

This guided visual meditation is another embodiment practice that you will use throughout the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course. By incorporating the fundamentals of mindfulness, we will move beyond this practice by bringing the awareness into the physical body and connecting to the spiritual realms. So get ready, because this practice will leave you feeling centered, alive and ready to dance!

The Embodied Goddesses First Practice Dance Warm Up

Learn the amazing Embodied Goddesses Dance Warm up in this First Practice module. We will incorporate this stress-relieving fitness practice into our daily practice.

So, step aside yoga – this daily practice doesn’t just connect you to your chakras and improve balance and flexibility. Additionally, it also allows you to move through the space with music and find your own creative expression. At Embodied Goddesses we believe that individuality is a crucial part of our self-expression, and we incorporate our artistic freedom into everything we do!

Goddess Yourself with Embodied Goddesses

Connect to Your Divine Feminine with The Embodied Goddesses First Practice

The Embodied Goddesses tools support the embodied divine feminine experience. Through joy, play, dancing, singing, movement, creativity, journaling experiences, journeying, cooking we can interact with and process the constant flow of information and messages that we receive from the divine sources.

We go beyond ecstatic dance into a new kind of dance therapy. We will also be discussing all of these elements in this Embodied Goddesses blog. Additionally, we will include beautiful Goddess stories about Goddesses such as Aphrodite Goddess of Love. This way, we too may embody her divine feminine archetype.

But first, in order for you to receive and embody all of our discussions and learnings, we need to bring all of your awareness to everything that you feel within. It is being in the ‘now’ but beyond mindfulness, with no judgement that is the most important first step. Just you in your full awareness, in the present moment, finding your calm and then your power. That’s what this course is all about, so log in and enjoy!

In this online course, we will share the latest trend and insights around mindfulness. We will use affirmations to manifest abundance. We will use spiritual dance, embodiment dance and move beyond ecstatic dance. Additionally, we incorporate journaling, healthy recipes and all kinds of goddess rituals. We’re so excited to share these embodiment dance practices with you. Step aside ecstatic dance, this is the real dance therapy! Check out this Embodied Goddesses guide book on Amazon Kindle today!

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Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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