Embodiment Course – How to Find the Best One

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Embodiment is a process of allowing your body to speak its own language by bringing the voice of the body into harmony and balance with the mind, emotions and spirit.
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What makes for the best embodiment course and how do you find one? Believe it or not, its not hard to find an embodiment course that is easily accessible and will fit with your schedule. That’s because, in this day and age with closings, restrictions and illness, your best bet might just be an embodiment online course. Here’s why…

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is a practice of dropping into your feeling body to receive messages from your environment. It isn’t just about quieting the mind. It isn’t simply body awareness.

Rather, it is a process of allowing your body to speak its own language by bringing the voice of the body into harmony and balance with the mind, emotions and spirit.

What are Embodiment Classes?

Embodiment classes as such, are a relatively new phenomenon, although many dancers in particular, have been practicing embodiment their whole lives. The truth is, the only thing that has changed, is that the scientific community has decided to give it a name, a label. There are many practices in the world that teach concepts of embodiment, from embodiment yoga to Stanislavski’s Method of Physical Action.

The most important thing to ask yourself when considering embodiment classes is whether or not the teacher is a true master of the body, or rather someone stuck in the mind, teaching ideas and concepts. Because this is actually the opposite of embodiment. True embodiment practice originates with the body through allowing experience, not through analysis and mental work.

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What is an Embodiment Course?

An embodiment course will guide you toward the liberation of your physical self. But it is a multi-step process. To achieve true embodiment, we must do more that become aware of our physical senses.

We must achieve a flow state where all aspects, all five elements of the universe and ourselves, are in constant balance. And this is process that does not happen instantly. In fact, an embodiment course should give you the tools over time, to live your life in an embodied way, because we are forever changing and adapting.

Benefits of an Embodiment Online Course

Simply put, embodiment practice is an internal practice. It is a deeply sensitive, personal and unique experience. That doesn’t mean you cannot practice embodiment in a group setting, but more often than not, your internal exploration will only be disturbed by others in the room, especially in the beginning.

This is why an embodiment online course such as the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” program offers such an advantage. You progress through the guided embodiment practices completely at your own pace, in the sanctuary of your own space, which we will teach you how to create.

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The Benefits of Privacy and Sanctuary

The very notion of being in a room with others, activates the ego. And in embodiment practice, we are liberating ourselves from the ego. Being in a classroom setting, unless it is being delicately managed, will present you with an additional and unnecessary obstacle right from the get go. Even live online embodiment classes will invite distraction and disruption.

This is one of the reasons the Embodied Goddesses program is so special. We guide you at your own pace, according to your needs, with the utmost privacy and serenity.

Achieving embodiment is a completely different experience and process for every individual. Therefore, no two people will realistically progress at the same rate. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to go at your own pace and not be forced into a group rhythm, at least at the beginning.

Why Dance is the Best Vehicle for Your Embodiment Course

chakra healing dances

In the Embodied Goddesses online Goddess Yourself magazine, Jessica and Vanessa weigh in on why dance is the best embodiment practice:

(Vanessa:) “So, how does dance relate to this course? Because this isn’t just a dance course. The idea behind embodiment is that in today’s society we have so much focus on the mind and fixing things through our thoughts and all of that, and many of us are very disconnected from our bodies. But our bodies are power houses. They store so much information and do so much work of processing and feeling, and dance is actually a quintessential way of achieving embodiment. So, in terms of embodiment as a practice in and of itself, dance is absolutely the best vehicle for that.”

(Jessica:) “For embodiment, dance is super important for us. So, why not incorporate all of the beautiful elements of the goddesses into our body? Really dropping in and to start living in our knowing body, in our wisdom body. This is where your power is and this is where your divine feminine glows. Your gifts are that kaleidoscope that lives within you. We want to bring all of that out through the embodiment practices that we provide you with.”

The Embodied Goddesses Online Embodiment Course

Goddess Yourself with Embodied Goddesses

In the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course method, we will use dance and gentle movement practices – along with all of the other tools – to compliment all of your learnings. We will integrate all of the different aspects of ourselves, in order to “come home,” to just ‘be’. And that ‘be-ing’ is in the body.

You will use the dances to open yourself up to receiving inspiration from the Goddesses, and that will continue to support your healing journey. This is what we call Goddess embodiment. As you are guided by music that enhances all of your felt senses, you will bring balance and harmony to the energy points of the body, the chakras, as you move through all the dances.

And just like the Universe is made up of the five elements, earth, fire, water, air and aether, you too, are the Universe.  We  will encourage you to meet with the breath in your movements to allow all of the elements and energies to move through you, transforming negative into positive and therefore creating healing and balance. This is the Embodied Goddesses method.

The Divine Feminine Embodiment Course

divine feminine embodiment course online dance

Dance/movement is the unrationalised feminine way of expression, however that looks for you. That means we are all dancers! When you melt into your movements, melt into your body, when you are embodied, you can communicate your deepest thoughts, emotions and your inspired messages. That is your truth, your authenticity

We live in a modern world that has fragmented our authentic being and has not supported the connection to the heart and soul. It has also fragmented how we relate to ourselves.

This is where the feminine aspect of ourselves – which is the body – becomes important. Your body is a way to reconnect with  your innate intelligence, the body wisdom and being-ness that is alive in all of us. It is the magical vehicle for manifestation. 

An Embodiment Course for Stress Relief

In the Embodied Goddesses Program, we are in reclamation of the body. We provide a safe environment where we guide you back into your feeling body. We move away from what has been honored in our society and culture, namely, operating purely from the limited mind, rationalizing, thinking, and examining.

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This is what has created stress, anxiety and all of the negative stories that we may have upheld to be true about ourselves. But of course, it is the mind that will assist in comprehending the learnings in this journey.

The gentle movements inspired by goddesses are the tools to meet with your body in a new feminine way. To experience flow and fluidity. To connect with all of the sensations of being in the body. This is a whole new way of meeting with your wisdom, your authentic self, and to the divine.  

When we come into the body, we feel relaxed, we feel more, we become alive, and we allow all of our senses to run through us. In turn, we connect with a much higher frequency that is beyond our mind.

As you give yourself permission to really drop into your movements, no matter what it looks like to the external, you bring a w hole new sense of liberation to your life because you have embraced the really beautiful art of allowing the intelligence of the heart in connection with your wisdom body, to lead your life.

An Embodiment Course Customized for You

embodied goddesses online alignment program

The way you connect with your body and feel into each movement will be different from person to person. This is the beauty of these internal practices. Only you can access this tool, as it is your body that will find your gifts.

You are in charge of your vessel. There is no right or wrong. There is no perfection. It is not  about how well you execute the movements.

We want you to integrate and acknowledge all of the different parts of yourself, even when movements feel awkward or really different. You may even discover parts of yourself that have never felt alive before. This is you, reactivating the aliveness that lies within you.

It is you reclaiming your essence in your fullest self. This new language will allow you to experience aspects of yourself that have been hiding and suppressed for so long.

An Embodiment Course With Community

But… don’t worry, you’re not alone in  this, of course. Jessica and Vanessa  have your back. We will be guiding you the whole way with our beautiful tools. 

So, beloveds, we  encourage you to enjoy each chakra dance, to be present in your softness and flow, to be present in your wildness and chaos, and to let your inner child run and dance free, like no one is watching. Embrace everything that you are in your divineness.

All we want for you to do is to just be, so you can lead from a place of love, pleasure, confidence and the feeling body – the woman’s magical vessel for manifesting

How to Find the Best Embodiment Course

As we mentioned previously, there are three important factors to consider when choosing an embodiment course. The first one is accessibility. Will you be able to regularly continue your practice? Is the course accessible without disruption or too many unpredictable changes?

Second, you need to consider who your teachers are. Psychologists and authors may know a lot about embodiment, but are they truly masters of their feeling body? Do they have years of experience exploring the inner world of the physical body? Do they have physical training to make them masters of their bodies?

True inner knowing of the body requires not only a profound understanding of kinesiology, but also the body awareness to reveal stuck stuck emotions manifesting as the physical, as well as the ability to demonstrate and offer movement practices that will empower you to self-heal. So be sure you are always working with a body expert, like someone who has years of training in body movement such as dance or yoga.

Your Embodiment Course Should Be Fun!

And last but not least, your embodiment course should be fun! Enough with this analysis of trauma and obsessing over what is wrong with us. We don’t need people to fix us. We don’t need to suffer in order to heal.

That doesn’t mean that your inner work won’t at times be challenging and uncomfortable, but make sure that the overarching energy of the embodiment course is uplifting and liberating!

Embodied Goddesses is an Embodiment Life Course

The Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” program is something you will take with you forever, because it is not just an embodiment class, but a way of life. You will take all of these beautiful lessons and tools into the world with you, and the more you use them, the more liberated and joyful you will become! So, if embodiment is calling your name, try out our embodiment life course for free today. It’s time to invest in yourself, sister. Go ahead and manifest abundance in your life today.


Jess & Ness

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Where can I learn more about the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course?

Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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