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With embodiment dance you can express yourself creatively while you move through space.
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Looking to get fit, have fun and balance the 7 chakras all at the same time? If you love yoga as we do, but are looking to add something fresh and new into your daily practice, then embodiment dance is for you.

With embodiment dance you can express yourself creatively while you move through space. And the practice of embodiment dance will also strengthen and tone your muscles, guide you into proper posture and alignment, and improve your coordination, balance and focus.

What is Embodiment Dance?

So, what exactly is embodiment dance and how is it different from other types of dance? First and foremost, embodiment dance is less focused on training and technique, although we do teach proper, healthy movement practices. That means that embodiment dance will teach you movements that are healthy for your body and won’t lead to injury. But embodiment dance practices are for everyone. You don’t need to be a trained dancer to practice these chakra healing dances, though trained dancers will enjoy them just the same.

With embodiment dance we are physicalizing our internal practice. After we do our inner work – our shadow work – we use embodiment dance choreography to feel through your body everything that you have discovered and learned. It is a way of making your mental, emotional and spiritual work manifest in the physical 3D world. With embodiment dance, we will make our intentions manifest in the physical world through our physical bodies.

Embodiment Dance for Chakra Work

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Our embodiment dances are specifically designed to open, support, nurture, strengthen and release each chakra. The movements are inspired by the 5 elements, the spirit animals and the chakra colors and sounds that are associated with each chakra. Through creative self expression you will discover where you are holding emotions and where your energy is blocked, and through the embodiment dance movements you will bring your 7 chakras into balance.

Additionally, we always give you time at the end of each dance choreography for your own free dancing. This, like ecstatic dance, is a time where you can move in any way that feels good within the context of the relevant theme. You may incorporate the steps you learned or make up your own. Whatever feels nourishing and supportive for you in your process.

Embodiment Dance Goes Beyond Ecstatic Dance

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So, what is ecstatic dance anyway? Well, have you ever just put on music and danced around for fun like nobody is watching? Well, that’s really all ecstatic dance is! Ecstatic dance has been defined as “a form of dance in which the dancers, sometimes without the need to follow specific steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes them, leading to trance and a feeling of ecstasy.” How is that different from dancing your heart out because you feel like it?

We believe that ecstatic dance is just dancing, because we should always move in a way that our heart desires without fear or worry of judgement. We should always be respectful of others. And we should always strive to be in a pure energetic state. And if we are truly letting ourselves go we must of course be present and embodied. This is just common decency, respect and liberation.

However, with embodiment dance we take this freedom a step further. We use the joy and healing properties of ecstatic dance and actually channel them into chakra healing where you can thoughtfully support your inner work much like dance therapy. In this practice, our ecstatic dances serves a targeted purpose.

What Embodiment Dance is Not

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On the other hand, embodiment dance is also not like ballet, modern, jazz or social dancing. There is not one correct way of doing the movements. We do respect the basic rules of proper alignment in order to prevent injury. However, any style and type of movement can be incorporated into an embodiment dance practice. It is less about a vocabulary and a signature style, and more about the experience itself. The way in which we arrive there doesn’t matter so much.

How is Embodiment Dance Different?

You will see in the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” program, that we have incorporated elements of ballet, modern dance, samba, yoga, African dance, and much, much more. But we have also allowed ourselves to be inspired by birds, flowers, mermaids and all kinds of other movement types.

The point is to evoke healing and liberation, not to create a certain look or design. Therefore, any style of dance can be incorporated into an embodiment dance practice.

Why Dance is the Best Embodiment Practice

There are many ways to engage in an embodiment practice, but dance is by far the best vehicle. Eckhart Tolle once tweeted that “Life is the dancer and you are the dance,” which invokes the importance of dance even in mindfulness practices and such. It is something beautiful, natural and fundamental to our human existence. So, why is dance the best embodiment practice? Because we become attuned to our physical selves while we joyfully and playfully express ourselves.

How We Use Dance in the Embodied Goddesses Online Course

The Embodied Goddesses online holistic living through the arts program uses dance as the primary vehicle for embodiment practice. Of course it is supplemented with guided visual meditations, master classes, journaling exercises, affirmations and more. However, the dancing is where we really make magic.

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Creating Sanctuary Using Your Third Eye Chakra

In the Sacred Space module we explore the third eye chakra as we learn how to purify, protect, and create energetically safe space. And we use our intuition and energy work to do this. We explore all of the directions, circles, boundaries and more as we walk with the Goddess Theia.

Lapis lazuli, indigo blue, palo santo and copal are just some of the beautiful elements that make up this module’s goddess circle. And we will enjoy it as we spin and joyfully explore space and direction. And like the Goddess Theia, we become the wide shining ones.

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Opening the Heart Chakra with Embodiment Dance

In the Blossoming Heart module, we journey within to reconnect to our heart chakra through meditations, journaling exercises and chit chats with Jess & Ness on the subject. Then we explore all of our discoveries with heart chakra opening choreography. The entire module is inspired by the element of water and our movements evoke feeling of flow. We create a beautiful goddess circle of pink and green crystals and flowers and dance for self love and compassion. We move like mermaids, blossoming flowers, and ocean waves. It is a time to feel beautiful and connected to your loving heart. Walking hand in hand with the Goddess Aphrodite we journey on an adventure of self love.

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Liberating the Throat Chakra with Embodiment Dance

When we delve into the Goddess Truth module we liberate the throat chakra. This module is filled with beautiful representations of the air element. Inspired by birds, dragonflies, butterflies, the wind, the feeling of flight, the choreography evokes freedom and liberation.

After investigating our own goddess truth and releasing shadows and burdens through meditation and other inner work practices, we bring our new found freedom into reality through our dancing. Together with the Goddess Amunet, the goddess of air and invisibility, we fly through the sky with our embodiment dance.

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Firing Up Your Solar Plexus Chakra with Embodiment Dance

In the Warrior Goddess module, we explore our power center, our solar plexus chakra. From “victory walks” to capoeira inspired movements, we bring our divine feminine power into our dancing. Inspired by the sun, sunflowers, the fire element and more, we fire up our solar plexus chakra with powerful choreography.

The music is powerful and tribal and all of our meditations and self-reflections culminate in this victory dance. Hand in hand with the Goddess Artemis we go on the hunt for our own empowerment.

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Unleashing Your Sacral Chakra with Embodiment Dance

Travel to the ancient middle east, the deserts and the hot sun, in the Ecstatic Goddess module. Guided by the wisdom of Lilith, we unabashedly honor our own sacred sexuality. No more shaming, no more repression. These beautiful samba and tribal fusion inspired moves will leave you feeling ignited.

Red roses, sandalwood, sweet orange, garnet and jasper combine to create a gorgeous goddess circle that will inspire and unleash the divine feminine within you. The Ecstatic Goddess module is dedicated to healing and freeing your sacral chakra in the best way possible, though gorgeous and sensual dancing.

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Nurturing Your Root Chakra with Embodiment Dance

The Goddess Gaia guides us through the Mother Earth module as we nurture our root chakra. We learn to manifest abundance of all kinds when we turn away from a lack mentality mindset toward an abundance mindset instead.

This beautiful module is inspired by African dance and imagery of the harvest, grain, kneading dough and the full moon. Mother Earth provides us with everything we need, and when we become abundant, the world around us does as well. You will reconnect with the earth element as you dance your way to abundance!

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Connecting to the Divine with Your Crown Chakra

When we reach the crown chakra, we explore our inner goddess and allow her to finally step out of the shadows and make her presence known. The last stop of our embodiment journey is connecting to the divine, to source, like a pure white, clear channel. We become the antennae, the radio tower, to receive and send messages from source.

This module is where you will take your first step onto your life path, or refine your journey if you have already found it. The element of spirit, or aether, is the culmination of your dance embodiment journey, and in this module you will embody the goddess that you truly are.

Ready to Try Embodiment Dance?

So, are you ready to bring all of your 7 chakras into alignment through joyful embodiment dance? Join now and learn how to be a goddess of dance with our 9 module online course! And if you would like, you can get a taste of our course absolutely for free! You too can learn how to self heal through embodiment practices!

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