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Goddess Yourself with Embodied Goddesses
Goddess Yourself the divine feminine way and live a life of abundance and joy.
Goddess Yourself with Embodied Goddesses embodiment experience

You’re ready to Goddess Yourself, but how can you make sure to really maximize your embodiment experience?

The Embodied Goddesses Method is designed to guide you into alignment the divine feminine way. We will do this by using dance, music, meditations, journaling and so much more.

But what do we actually mean by “the divine feminine way”?

How is it different from more traditional approaches to education and training?

An Embodiment Experience the Divine Feminine Way

When we work the divine feminine way, we do not force ourselves to conform to one way of doing things. Instead, we listen to our bodies, our emotions and our intuition. This will guide us on the path that is just right for us. That means there is no one right way, and everyone’s experience will be different. We aren’t striving for conformity and we aren’t working in a rigid linear fashion. We work in the flow, we adapt, and we remain flexible.

Because we all have different strengths and challenges, we must give ourselves permission to make our experience our own. So, if one particular module is very profound for you, feel free to spend as much time on it as you want! We all heal in different ways and we also bloom at our own pace.

The key is to go with what feels right. Embody the self-love to nurture and support yourself in the way that you need. This is how we can be sure to get the most out of our embodiment experience.

candle meditations embodiment experience

Meditations and Learnings at Your Own Pace

The Embodied Goddesses Goddess Yourself ascension program consists of two separate streams of learning that are seamlessly integrated with one another. As you progress through the modules, you may discover that you want to repeat certain meditations or journaling exercises.

This may be because you have much to uncover and explore around those particular themes and chakras. This is why we would never dictate how quickly you ought to complete that delicate, internal process.

You will know when you are ready to progress, and if you feel at anytime that you would like to return to a lesson from a previous module, go right ahead! Sometimes we have revelations later on in the process, where something just “clicks.”

Go ahead and return to those themes and contemplate them further. You can even re-do the reflections and journaling exercises or return to the dances to refresh and support your learnings.

Jessica Angileri and Vanessa Hylande demonstrate embodiment experience practices

Dancing as a Daily Practice Embodiment Experience

Once you learn our beautiful Embodied Goddesses dance warm-up, we encourage you to practice it every day. Begin with a schedule that feels comfortable, even if you only have a few days per week to devote to it. But then, over time, we encourage you to check in with your body every day, to stay embodied, limber, de-stressed and fit. If you can achieve a daily practice, you will get the most out of your embodiment experience.

Once you have learned the warm up, you may repeat it every day as you progress through the lessons of the module. Once you learn the chakra dance for that corresponding module, we recommend that you then continue to do both the warm-up and the dance until the end of that module. Then, at the beginning of the following module, you will do the warm up again. However this time with different music, colors, inspiration, and intention in your movement. And, as previously, we encourage you to complete that module with a daily warm up and dance until you reach the last lesson.

The Embodied Goddesses Method as a Way of Life

In the Goddess Yourself ascension program, we are giving you all of the tools to continue living your life of abundance and joy through dance and other embodiment practices. You will be able to return to the exercises and dances at any time to support and nurture yourself as you move through life.

For example, you may have a challenging job interview coming up where you need to present as confident and strong. Return to the Warrior Goddess module and re-live the dance. Return to the meditation or journaling reflection to refresh your confidence and shine.

Or, if you are going through a difficult time dealing with loss or grief, return to the Blossoming Heart module to surround yourself with self-love and compassion. Just dancing the dances, hearing the messages in the music, and returning to the beautiful magic of the guided visual meditations, will begin to heal your heart and soul again.

We have thoughtfully created an environment for healing within each chakra module by setting the mood with supportive colors, crystals, essential oils, inspirational spirit animals and more. These tools will be available for you to use always.

Additionally, your experience will always be in the supportive environment of our Embodied Goddesses community. We believe that the sisterhood is integral to helping one another through growth and ascension, and the friends you make will likely be friends for life. Ascension is a profound process and it is even more beautiful to have fellow Goddesses to share your process with.

Your Embodiment Experience is a Magical Mix of Joy, Self-Love and Dedication

Through the daily practice of the joyful embodiment warm up, and a reliance upon your ready-to-use toolbox of dances, meditations and exercises for whichever chakra needs support and love, you will not only get the most out of this embodiment experience, but will continue to grow as an Embodied Goddess as you walk through your beautiful, magical life.

Welcome, Goddess! We are so excited to blossom with you!

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