Goddess Dance Embodiment – Celebrate Spring!

Goddess embodiment dance is a beautiful dance therapy.
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Ready to brush off those winter blues? The sun is shining and we can finally enjoy the blossoming flowers and outdoor activities we love so much. Well, goddess dance embodiment is the perfect way to celebrate spring this year. Goddess dance embodiment is the new kind of dance therapy, and you don’t need a fancy dance therapy school to learn it. In face, you can learn dancing at home without stress and with lots of joy.

Much like we do a spring cleaning of our homes, Spring is a great time to do a spiritual spring cleaning as well! And what does that mean? It means letting go of stress, outdated habits, things that are weighing us down. It also means reenergizing ourselves through healthy exercise, healthy foods and uplifting activities.

So, are you ready to learn how you can dance your way to a healthy, shining, beautiful body inside and out? Let’s go!

What is Dance Embodiment?

Embodiment is a practice of becoming grounded, attuned and connected to your body, and dance is one of the best ways of doing that! In fact, it really is the new kind of dance therapy movement. You don’t have to be a trained dancer to reap the benefits of embodiment practices, in fact it just puts you back into connection with your own body. Everyone can do it and everyone should! Take a journey within and give yourself permission to free your body, mind and spirit through the beauty of dancing.

What is Goddess Dance and Goddess Dance Embodiment?

The goddess is an archetype that anyone, and especially any woman, can relate to. She embodies the divine feminine within all of us. From power, to beauty, to love and compassion, the goddess can inspire us all.

When we embody the goddess in our dance embodiment practice, we bring all of these wonderful qualities into our being. We unleash our divine feminine nature and rediscover joy and liberation.

What Can Goddess Dance Embodiment Do For Me?

Goddess dance embodiment will reconnect you with your inner child, balance your 7 chakras, and help you manifest abundance of all kinds into your life. And you’ll be getting your beautiful body in shape with healthy exercise and movements that make you feel beautiful inside and out.

And if you’re shy to dance in front of others, don’t worry. The Embodied Goddesses online dance embodiment program is an online dance course that you can do in the privacy of your own home. We can feel more confident and self assured learning dance at home with online dance classes, and that’s why its a really great way to start. So go ahead and try out our beautiful online dance classes for adults and become a part of the new dance revolution! You can use your tablet, phone or computer – get online, just dance and see where the moment takes you!


Jess & Ness

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Come and dance with Jess & Ness and let your spirit fly free! Learn to dance at home and bring the joy of embodiment dance into your daily life.

We can’t wait to sahre our beautiful journals and worksheets, guided meditations, and inspirational embodiment affirmations with you! You’ll even get healthy recipes to nurture all of your 7 chakras as you liberate your body mind and soul!


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