Embody the Goddess for International Women’s Day

emody the goddess for international womens day
When we embody the goddess, we empower ourselves and others.
international womens day celebrate the goddess

What are your International Women’s Day wishes? Serenity, joy and abundance? Equal opportunity, respect and security? At Embodied Goddesses we want to help you connect with your inner goddess, because she is in every one of us waiting to be celebrated. And when we embody the goddess, we empower ourselves and others.

For this entire week, we are offering our beautiful 9 module goddess embodiment course practically for free. We want to do our part in making your wishes for International Women’s Day come true! Just use the code goddess-8march at member checkout to receive the entire course for only $111!

Why Do We Celebrate International Women’s Day?

There are many wonderful organizations around the world working toward equal opportunity for women. From the United Nations to other fantastic non-profit organizations, there are many peole committed to change. Change is very much needed, and change begins with awareness.

Did you know?

According teh the United Nations

  • Seventy per cent of the 1.3 billion people living in conditions of poverty are women. In urban areas, 40 per cent of the poorest households are headed by women.
  • Women predominate in the world’s food production (50-80 per cent), but they own less than 10 per cent of the land.
  • 80 per cent of the displaced by climate related disasters and changes around the world are women and girls.
  • Climate change may lead to more gender-based violence, an increase in child marriages, and worsening sexual and reproductive health.
international womens day helping each other

Our Committment to Women in Need

At Embodied Goddesses, we can help women build their internal strength. Real change always starts with ourselves. When we empower ourselves to live a high vibrational life that is based on heart centered living through gratitude, generosity and compassion, we can begin to heal and help others. Just like they always tell you on the airplane: you need to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help others.

We have just launched Embodied Goddesses, but we have big plans to give back to communities of women. As we grow our beautiful organizationn of love, we will be donating proceeds and class materials to women in Mexico and other disadvantaged communities. And we hope that you will join us in doing so.

International Women’s Day 2022

It’s been a tough couple of years and it seems like we are finally coming back out into the light. However, we also know that lots of us have been left reeling. After two years of lockdowns and loss of all kinds, we are all ready for a beautiful reset. Many of us have a lot of healing to do. Many of us don’t have the financial capacity to donate to others at this time. Others of us have decided to change the course we are on because we have learned a lot about ourselves and our needs. But where do we start? How do we balance dreams and responsibilities? What can we do to empower women for International Women’s Day 2022?

What Does International Women’s Day Mean to You?

international womens day love eachother

No matter what gender you are or associate with, International Women’s Day affects everyone. We all have mothers, grandmothers, sisters, friends and other important relationships with women. The more the women of our world are empowered, the better they can nurture and love the world around us. The goddess is the great mother, and she resides in every woman. The great mother is the nurturer, the healer, the spiritual protector, and when we awaken her within us, we can channel her to heal the world.

So, what does International Women’s Day mean to you? Is there a woman in your life that has the potential to make great change in the world? Do you have a woman in your life who would benefit from empowerment, self confidence and more self love? Is there a woman in your life who could shine her light upon the world if only she had some support in overcoming burdens and restrictions? Are you that woman?

International Women’s Day Activities

empowering women for international womens day

This entire week, we are slashing the price of our “Goddess Yourself” dance embodiment course because we want to share it with every woman. But what is the point of goddess embodiment and what can it do for you and your loved ones? What is an embodiment dance course and how can it help you? And what are these embodiment activities and how can they help you this International Women’s Day?

The Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” online ascension and holistic living through the arts program is all about healing and empowering the divine feminine. It is specifically focused on the archetype of the Goddess because it is carefully designed to be a journey into the feminine. We want you and the women in your life to try out all of these International Women’s Day activities – from embodiment dances, to guided visual meditations and chakra healing journaling worksheets, we will guide you to a life of self confidence, empowerment, abundance and joy.

Ideas for International Women’s Day

Goddess Yourself with Embodied Goddesses

So, if you’re looking for some ideas for International Women’s Day, consider gifting a woman you love with the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” embodiment dance program. Or consider gifting it to yourself! We begin our healing journey by practicing self love. When we care for ourselves we become strong to care for others.

If you or someone you love enjoys yoga, chakra healing work, meditations and journaling practices, you will love our chakra healing dances. Dance is even more uplifting and liberating than yoga and can take you beyond the benefits of other daily practices. Dance is the best embodiment practice and will not only leave you feeling happy and beautiful, but will also strengthen, stretch and align your body.

Still want to learn more? You can try our our embodiment online course for free before you take advantage of our International Women’s Day super sale. It will be running all week from March 8 to March 14th. And when you’re ready, use the code goddess-8march to receive your big discount!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course for free?

Yes! Simply sign up for your free experience here! You will have lifetime access to this portion of our course absolutely free!

Where can I learn more about the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course?

Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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