Isis Goddess of the Divine Feminine

Goddess Isis
As the divine healer, Goddess Isis played a vital role in Egyptian magic and ritual for healing and protection of the dead. 

Once upon a time in the ancient world of Egypt there lived one of the most powerful, caring Goddesses of magic, relationships and all of life itself.

Goddess Isis is known to be the greatest expression of the divine feminine as she lived from the depths of her loving, powerful heart.

She was devoted to inspiring others to walk the path of humanity with nothing short of tenderness, unconditional love and compassion. 

Men and women would sit with Goddess Isis in her temple, as they listened to her teachings about the importance of relationships and sacred partnerships. And how we can all live together in love and harmony.

As the divine healer, Goddess Isis played a vital role in Egyptian magic and ritual for healing and protection of the dead.  Her priestesses would listen to her secrets of healing and preparation of medicinal potions.  You too can embody the teachings of the Goddess of love, healing and magic. 

Learn how you can connect with your divine feminine and innate healing powers to touch the hearts of others through the online embodiment feminine healing program, Embodied Goddesses. 

Goddess Yourself with dance, music, guided visual mediations, journaling exercises and worksheets, embodiment affirmations, healthy eating recipes, and you too will learn how to manifest a life of abundance and joy the divine feminine


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