Mother’s Day Gifts for the Heart Chakra

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There is nothing more valuable than gifts that offer joyful experiences.
retreat and recharge mother's day 2022 embodied goddesses mini course

Want to make her feel like a goddess this Mother’s Day? We’ve decided to share our heart chakra module, “Blossoming Heart,” as a mini course this Mother’s Day 2022 in celebration of every mother out there. With heart chakra dances, meditations, affirmations and worksheets, the beautiful woman in your life can take out some time for herself to retreat and recharge. So, when looking for perfect mother’s day gifts, there is nothing better than the gift of a joyful and uplifting experience.

And with our beautiful shops, on on Redbubble, Society6, and Bags of Love, we’ve got lovely merchandise from goddess yoga mats to apparel, home goods and more – delivered right to your door no matter where you live in the world.

The Blossoming Heart Mini Course

The Blossoming Heart mini course is the heart chakra module of the entire Embodied Goddesses embodiment dance online course. The special woman in your life will enjoy an online dance warm up and original embodiment dance choreography that she can enjoy in the privacy of her own home. No more worrying about feeling shy or insecure. She will be able to learn the basics in the privacy of her own home until she feels confident enough to attend a live class or one of our goddess dance and yoga retreats.

Additionally, this mini course offers lovely and empowering journaling exercises and worksheets, which are also wonderful Mother’s Day gifts. She will also enjoy beautiful guided visual meditations with original music in this heart chakra opening mini online course. From calming meditation music to inspirational dance music, there is something for every woman in this course. And don’t forget our beautiful affirmations to inspire the special woman in your life this mother’s day. Affirmations can help to lift your spirits and focus on the beautiful things in your life.

The Blossoming Heart Magazine E-Book

blossoming heart ebook, magazine mother's day gifts

Another part of the Blossoming Heart mini course is the e-book magazine. It is full of beautiful designs, interviews and talks on embodiment,and the heart chakra, as well as affirmations and meditations. And don’t forget our special recipes. We include heart chakra opening recipes for goddess water, healthy eating as well as crystals and flowers that will fill every woman with love and gratitude. You can’t go wrong with this collection of beautiful items when shopping for gifts for mother’s day.

“The focus of this module is finding our inner light, our true identity, through our love, what we love, and what makes us feel love through giving love. It is really important to do this because our heart center is going to be our anchor, our safe place that we can always come back to, especially when we start doing some deeper shadow work later on. Then we always know that we can return to this place. That is going to make us feel very safe and secure as we move forward in this course.”

What is the Voice of the Heart?

  • The receiver of energy, the akasha.
  • The whispers of your heart are messages you receive from your soul, your intuition. 
  • The seed and portal to manifestation. 
  • The relationship you have with yourself.
  • The white thread to our gifts, love and virtues. 
  • The divinity within us all 
  • Our authentic innocence. 
  • Knowing that we are deserving of giving and receiving love

Mother’s Day Gifts Online

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Mothers day gifts online are very convenient especially when you live at a distance. Our Blossoming Heart mini course is available online and so is our selection of merch. We have a store on Redbubble, Society6, and on Bags of Love UK for those of you living in Europe.

The mini course doesn’t require any shipping at all and can be accessed directly on our website for life. And all of our merchandise can be delivered directly to Mom. So make it easy on yourself this mothers day with all of our lively gifts to send.

Why Choose the Embodied Goddesses Mini Course for Mother’s Day 2022?

There is nothing more valuable than gifts that offer joyful experiences. Too many material items wind up sitting on a shelf unused. But when a Mother’s Day gift is offering an experience that your mom or special woman will take with her wherever she goes for the rest of her life, you really can’t beat it. There is nothing more valuable than offering someone joy, empowerment and the feeling of being loved. So, consider this mini course of goddess embodiment for your special someone, or gift her with the entire Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” experience, and gift her with something she will treasure and use forever more. The gift of self-love and self-care lasts a lifetime.

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Yes! Simply sign up for your free experience here! You will have lifetime access to this portion of our course absolutely free!

Where can I learn more about the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course?

Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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