Retreat and Recharge Mind, Body and Soul

Release stress by creating the time and space to retreat and recharge.
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Do you find yourself feeling really exhausted? Or perhaps you feel run down and you just cant find the positive in the day? It seems like it is impossible sometimes to just feel calm and release the stress. The women of Embodied Goddesses totally know this feeling as we also have been there. But we know that the only way to overcome this feeling is by creating the time and space to retreat and recharge for the mind, body and soul.

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Make time and space for you

Making space in your day to retreat and recharge is something we should be inviting into our lives every day, even if it is for a moment. When we rest and retreat, we are giving ourselves the fuel and energy to continue on with our projects and goals. We fulfil them with more clarity, from an energized place.

Show Your Love for Yourself through Self Care

So today we want to remind you to take a step back in your day, go within and spend time with yourself. Be kind to yourself dear Goddess. Know that you deserve to rest. Not because of all your “doing” but just because you are already deserving. Remember self care is not a luxury, it is a necessity!

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Why not entice yourself with a relaxing bath full of delicious essential oils, put on a mask that makes your face feel refreshed or something as simple as sleeping in an extra hour. Take time out in your busy day to breathe, meditate or walk through the park. Or, take a moment to watch the glistening moon as she shines her brightness before she sleeps again. You can also take the time in your day to move or dance to your favorite music.

Enjoy the Present Moment to Retreat and Recharge

Revel in this tiny bit of kindness for yourself. Once you have offered yourself time out to rest and pause, then it is a great time to prioritize what is deserving of your energy for the rest of the day. When we feel rested, we can come back to a situation with a new, fresh perspective.

Show yourself love and presence that you are so deserving of with the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” online embodiment and ascension program. You will feel refreshed and revitalised as you enjoy all of the chakra healing dances, along with inspirational music. You will feel at peace with the guided visual meditations. Connected with your thoughts and emotions with the journaling exercises and so much more.

Embodied Goddesses is that little piece of heaven as you retreat and recharge your mind, body and soul.

The women behind Embodied Goddesses encourage you to give yourself a pat on the back for knowing you are deserving of resting, retreating and recharging, not just for the mind but for body and soul also.

Are you ready ladies? Let’s Goddess Ourselves!


Jess & Ness

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