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Intuition, Psychic Ability, Creating Sanctuary - Learn all about it in the "Sacred Space" eBook available on Amazon Kindle!

In the Embodied Goddesses “Sacred Space” module, available in eBook format on Amazon Kindle, we take a look at the concept of creating a safe space for yourself in preparation for meditation, shadow work, ritual and dancing. This module is focused on the third eye chakra, our intuition, and is inspired by the Goddess Theia. With third eye chakra affirmations, crystals for the third eye chakra, embodiment dances and more, we teach you how to create a sacred space for yourself and others.

What is the Third Eye Chakra?

The third eye chakra represents intuition, psychic ability, creating sacred space, creating energetic bubbles, the spirit element, the Major Arcana and the the High Priestess of the Tarot. When tuning into our intuition, it is important that we are in a safe space where we will not be bombarded with external stimuli. The voice of our intuition often whispers softly, and it can take time to hear her whispers. Before we begin to tune into our intuition, we must make sure that external distractions, including other people’s energies, are not interfering. Think of it as a radio channel – it is important what we are tuned in completely, or we are likely to pick up on messages that are not our own. Or, the messages might come to us in a garbled fashion that is difficult to understand.

Third Eye Chakra Meaning and Intuition

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So, what is the third eye chakra meaning actually? Basically, it is that receiver of information that is not a thought and not a physical experience in the external world. Rather, it is a deep inner knowing that just appears to us.

People receive intuitive messages in different ways. Some people have visualizations, while others have sudden realizations or actually hear words in their “mind’s ear.” However the intuitive messages come to you, the common denominator is that they don’t need to be analyzed and you won’t feel the need to question them. Third eye chakra messages are not filled with emotion or thought, they simply arrive. This is their hallmark characteristic.

How to Set The Sacred Space With Goddess Circles

Whether you are wanting to prepare rituals for full moon or outfit your space for rituals for the new moon, a goddess circle is a wonderful way of creating sanctuary. Much like an altar, a goddess circle is a physical representation of an energetic boundary in the physical space using the 5 elements. You can create a goddess circle any way you choose – there is no right or wrong. But it is helpful to know which elements provide the best energetic support for your work.

For example, you can incorporate third eye chakra colors, into your goddess circle such as indigo blue. Indigo, a deep blue purple, is known to open up the third eye chakra. It is a color of spiritual wisdom and psychic ability. Dark blue also corresponds to the third eye chakra and promotes wisdom, healing, and self-realization.

There are also specific crystals for the third eye chakra that will promote your intuitive abilities. Some of these include Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine and Turquoise. lapis, for example, is the stone of the ancient ones or magicians. It is the spiritual stone used for protection, bringing loved ones and friendships closer together. It promotes an opening to the wearers higher awareness by lifting their vibration.

Then there are also various flowers, incenses and third eye chakra essential oils that you can incorporate into your beautiful goddess circle. For example, Cornflowers enhance psychic abilities, fertility, love, sex, and abundance. Choose whichever third eye chakra element resonates most with you and what your intention setting is focused on.

Nourish Your Intuition with Third Eye Chakra Foods

Did you know that you can even nourish and support your third eye chakra with specific foods? In the Embodied Goddesses embodiment dance and ascension program, we provide you with nutritious and tasty recipes for each of the chakras. You can incorporate these into your goddess ritual as goddess offerings or simply use them to honor your own inner goddess. For intuition, choose healthy foods that match the color of the third eye chakra. Try a fruit platter with blueberries and purple grapes, or a roasted beet salad with some purple potatoes.

Fortify Your Sacred Space with Affirmations for the Third Eye Chakra

At Embodied Goddesses, we love working with affirmations. In the “Sacred Space” module, we use affirmations to fortify and protect our sanctuary. So, why is it important to create sacred space?

Not only do we need to create an internal sacred space, but we also need to create a sanctuary in our physical reality. And once we learn how to do this internally and externally, we can take our sanctuary with us wherever we go. In times of chaos, we can find calm. In times of stress, we can find peace. And in times of loneliness, we can find connection.

Want to learn more? Check out the Embodied Goddesses online ascension course and browse our eBook series available on Amazon Kindle. You’ll find everything you need to know to live a life of abundance and joy.

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