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We've got spring decor ideas for you! Check out our divine feminine designs and embodiment merchandise on sale at our Redbubble store!
redbubble divine feminine design throw pillow embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

Spring is in the air and Embodied Goddesses is having a sale on our divine feminine designs and embodiment merchandise! Check out our chakra healing designs at our Redbubble store! Looking for some Spring decor ideas? We’ve got you covered! Bring some beauty into your home and “Goddess Yourself” with a wide selection of home goods, fashion, tech accessories, wall art and more! Save 20% on every single thing with code 20FLASH20. Ends Tuesday.

Spring Decor Ideas for Living Room

Our store is filled with beautiful decorative pillows, floor pillows, throw blankets, duvets, coasters and more. Our designs are all inspired by the goddesses, like The Goddess of Spring Flora and Aphrodite Goddess of Love. What’s more, each of our designs corresponds to a particular chakra. Like this beautiful “Purple and Pink Flower Goddess Divine Feminine Design” which is also available with affirmations for love on items such as coasters, throw blankets, floor pillows and shower curtains.

redbubble divine feminine design coasters embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

This design is inspired by the final module of the Goddess Yourself embodiment practice, “Celebrating the Goddess.” In this module we explore the crown chakra and our connection to the divine as we embody the Goddess in our daily lives. This is where we bring all of our learnings into the practical world so that we can embody our dreams.

All of these artworks are beautiful reminders of your inner work and the lessons learned in our embodiment online course. Bring a little light, color, love and inspiration into your life with these beautiful Spring decorating ideas!

Curious about this module? You can read all about it in the Embodied Goddesses magazine “Celebrating the Goddess” available on Amazon Kindle. There you will find all of the guided visual meditations, embodiment affirmations, and also the basics of the 9th module of the series.

Yoga Pants and Accessories Spring Decor Ideas

redbubble divine feminine design yoga pants embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

Planning to get back into your fitness routine? Whether you do yoga, go to the gym or take dance class, these spring designs will make you feel beautiful and joyful while you work out. We’ve got designs for all 7 chakras, and you can even coordinate the designs with your water bottle and tote bag.

This gorgeous third eye chakra design, “Blue Roses with Gold Divine Feminine Design,” is from the third module of the Embodied Goddesses online dance embodiment course. In the third module, “Sacred Space” (magazine guidebook available on Amazon Kindle) we explore the importance of creating sanctuary for yourself using the 5 elements.

redbubble divine feminine design drawstring bag embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

This beautiful design is also available with the embodiment affirmation “I shield my energy from negativity.” Learning how to protect your energetic space is one of the most important and fundamental embodiment practices that we cover in the “Goddess Yourself” embodiment course.

Before we meditate, do shadow work or other embodiment practices, we must always create our sanctuary first. This beautiful embodiment affirmation will always remind you to protect your energetic space. This is important for receiving the messages from your third eye chakra. Always allow your intuition to guide you and take your sacred space with you wherever you go.

Tech Accessories for Goddesses

redbubble divine feminine design phone wallet embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

Is your iPhone or Android smart phone ready for a fresh new look? Or maybe you want to spruce up your iPad or tablet? We have created beautiful phone wallets, skins and cases with our joyful and beautiful divine feminine designs.

Enjoy inspirational heart chakra designs like this “Lush Pink Flowers and Seashells Divine Feminine Design” from the fourth module of the “Goddess Yourself” embodiment course, “Blossoming Heart,” magazine guidebook available on Amazon Kindle.

Whatever your style, we’ve got you covered with gorgeous spring decor ideas. Because every module of the Embodied Goddesses course is associated with one of the 7 chakras, every module is also inspired by that chakra’s colors. So whether you love blues, pinks, greens, or yellows, you are sure to find something you love.

redbubble divine feminine design phone case embodied goddesses spring decor ideas

So, “Goddess Yourself” with these beautiful designs and if you’d like to learn more about our holistic embodiment through the arts program, go ahead and try out our course for free! Not only will you learn how to use our beautiful affirmations for love, self love affirmations, affirmations for confidence, affirmations of gratitude, and so many more, you will also learn how to embody your inner divine feminine.

Get ready, through embodiment dance and other practices like guided visual meditations you will unblock your chakras and unleash your inner goddess in a fun and inspiring way.

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Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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