The Embodied Goddesses Method

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Hello beautiful! Welcome to Embodied Goddesses! We are Vanessa and Jessica, and we are so happy that you’ve come to join us. If you are here, then you must be wondering “What is Embodied Goddesses and what are we up to?” Well, we have outlined the entire the Embodied Goddesses Method in our beautiful magazine, available on Amazon Kindle.

Embodying the Divine Feminine

In the Embodied Goddesses “Goddess Yourself” course, Jessica and Vanessa will offer you the tools of the divine feminine to help you to embody your own inner Goddess. When we speak about the divine feminine, we are talking about moving away from operating purely from the limited mind, such as conceptual ideas and theories. Although both are important, there is only so much the mind can hold.

Instead, we will move into our heart space and into the wisdom body to access our fullest potential and our authentic self. This is the place where we become rooted down into who we are at the soul level, and can manifest our greatest dreams and desires. The divine feminine is all about stripping away, the unknown, the surrender. The body is her expression, intuition, sensuality, and chaos. She is the nurturing, the darkness, the flow. We are in constant cycles. We are going to welcome this new language of being into our lives.

What You Will Learn in the Embodied Goddesses Method

welcome to the Embodied Goddesses Method

In the first issue of our magazine, the “Embodied Goddesses Method,” we will teach you all of the the basics of the Embodied Goddesses embodiment program. Then throughout the course, you will use these tools and put them into practice.

The Embodied Goddesses tools support the embodied divine feminine experience. Through joy, play, dancing, singing, movement, creativity, journaling experiences, journeying, cooking we can interact with and process the constant flow of information and messages that we receive from the divine sources. We go beyond ecstatic dance into a new kind of dance therapy. We will also be discussing all of these elements in this Embodied Goddesses blog including beautiful Goddess stories about Goddesses such as Aphrodite Goddess of Love so that we too may embody her divine feminine archetype.

But first, in order for you to receive and embody all of our discussions and learnings, we need to bring all of your awareness to everything that you feel within. It is being in the ‘now’ but beyond mindfulness, with no judgement that is the most important first step. Just you in your full awareness, in the present moment, finding your calm and then your power.

What Lessons are Included in the Embodied Goddesses Method?

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In this online course, we will share the latest trends and insights around mindfulness, using affirmations to manifest abundance, spiritual dance, embodiment dance and moving beyond ecstatic dance, as well as journaling, healthy recipes and all kinds of goddess rituals.

We will answer questions such as: Why should we embody the Goddess? And why should we practice embodiment? Then, we will discuss the basic tools that we use throughout the course. These include concepts such as: “Embracing the Divine Feminine” and “Creating an Intention to Find Your Heart Center.” We will also teach you how to make a Goddess Circle, as well as explain its purpose and the use of the elements. Get a sample of the beautiful guided visual meditations that you will receive throughout the rest of the course and learn why we use them in this program.

We will cover the benefits of journaling along with some best practices, and we will share with you some Goddess stories and explain why we use them for inspiration. Then, get ready to dive into the practice of journeying, specifically “raising the Goddess Crown” and “Grounding the Goddess.”

Then, last but definitely not least, we will offer you a thorough explanation of why we use dance for embodiment practice and the benefits and most effective way of using affirmations. To top it all off, we give you tasty and nutritious recipes that nourish and support each chakra and encourage healthy living and self love.

We’re so excited to share these embodiment dance practices with you. Step aside ecstatic dance, this is the real dance therapy! Read up on our program in the beautiful Embodied Goddesses Method magazine on Amazon Kindle today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course for free?

Yes! Simply sign up for your free experience here! You will have lifetime access to this portion of our course absolutely free!

Where can I learn more about the Embodied Goddesses online embodiment course?

Read about our course and what we cover in each module here!

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