What is an Embodied Goddess?

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An Embodied Goddess is a woman who confidently embraces the real her. She is authentic in every way. When a woman embraces her inner goddess, she is embracing the divine feminine within. This is within us all - men and women.

An Embodied Goddess is a woman who confidently embraces the real her. She is authentic in every way. When a woman embraces her inner goddess, she is embracing the divine feminine within. This is within us all – men and women.

The divine feminine is the part of us that a lot of women feel uncomfortable with, and unfortunately, it is the part of us that has been suppressed. But it’s the part of us where we shine the brightest.

How to embrace the divine feminine within

What does it mean to embody the goddess within and embrace the divine feminine, you might ask? Does it mean to be more feminine? Does it mean you need to look more sexy? Does it mean you need to be more soft? Or be more beautiful?

Well that’s the thing, it has nothing to do with you being more of anything, other than just you being yourself. It is when you feel most natural and just real. No pretending, no performing, no perfection. Just you in your natural state. Like when you were a little girl. She knows exactly who she is.

An Embodied Goddess knows exactly who she is and she embraces all of this.

An Embodied Goddess is a woman who is compassionate. She loves freely with all of her heart.

An Embodied Goddess is connected with nature. That means she is in touch with not only the nature around her, but also the seasons and the moon. She knows that she operates just like Gaia operates – in seasons.

She is in flow with the rest of life. She does not need to force anything or work against anything.

An Embodied Goddess sees herself as whole. She does not need any particular situation, circumstance or person to make her feel more satisfied and fulfilled. She knows that know matter where she is in the world, she always finds herself.

A woman embodying her inner Goddess is passionate, understanding and empathetic.

She listens to her intuition and is not afraid to take action from this place.

An Embodedid Goddess is a healer for herself. She knows she can heal herself with her love. She also uses Gaia’s elements as healing properties.

An embodied Goddess loves fully and is not afraid to be adored by another. She opens her heart and receives as much as she gives.

An Embodied Goddess is in touch with her creativity. She dances, she sings, she writes, she draws, she paints. Not for anyone or to prove anything. No, it’s for herself only because this is where she feels happiest.

She knows how to express her truth with love and sensitivity.

She embraces all of her emotions – happiness, excitement, as well as anger and frustration. But she knows how to express them in healthy ways.

An Embodied Goddess knows she is beauty, she is love, she is compassion.

How do you embrace all of these wonderful qualities of the divine feminine?

This Goddess is within you always. When we find ways to move beyond the mind and learn to activate the feminine within us, we become grounded and rooted in the body, and connected to our spirit with the universal light. We become free and begin to live a life that is full of happiness, and we are able to manifest our heart’s desire. In the Embodied Goddess ascension program we provide you with all of the tools to tap into and embrace the feminine and inner Goddess.

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